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Selecting a Business Entity 

Owning a business is a great opportunity with valuable assets. As your business grows, opportunities may surface and/or a problem can arise. Mark Laurel, CP,A can help you navigate to the correct solution. It may be time to change the name of your business entity to a partnership, LLC, corporation, sole proprietor, etc,. This technique can make an enormous difference in your finances and tax obligations. Mark can explain the different types of entities to help make the right decision for your company.

Financial Analysis

A proper analysis of your business can make a big difference on decision-making to optimize your companies growth. As your business grows there will be times when you question an opportunity. With a thorough analysis, you will have more knowledge of the possible outcomes that may evolve depending on the prospective decision taken. Mark will guide you in the decision-making process for continued success.

Buying or Selling

As with any car or home there comes a time when you may consider buying or selling. This is a big complex financial decision and can be intimidating. Mark Laurel can offer support throughout the buying and selling process and help with an entrance or exit plan.

Mark works with you and prepares a business strategy unique to your company to determine the best financial outcome to achieve the best result.